Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful for generous people...

I recently received a wonderful gift from a dear friend and true brother in the faith.  I won't embarass him by saying whom, but he's single and available so let me know if you're interested  :) 

Anyways, this book has been a treat to read.  I must admit, I enjoy a bit of history and I've always wanted to learn more about how the church service came together.  This book starts off by going over the history of church liturgy (how the service is organized, order of worship), and it's really interesting to learn about these things.  It helps me appreciate that what we do is purposeful and not just randomly thrown together.  It is good to be intentional in our worship.  As I read the book more, I'll try to update what I'm, but I'd definitely recommend this book. 

Thanks for the book, J, whoops, almost gave it away...

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