Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wow, it's been quite a while...still thankful!

I know it's been quite a while...to my faithful reader(s) (not so sure the (s) applies...but I know the wifey reads it because it gets emailed to her automatically), don't worry...I'm more thankful today than I was whenever my last post was.  That's because every day I get to know my Savior more.  Every day brings me closer to the Lord. 

So, what have I been up to during this unintentional hiatus?  Well, my parents visited!  My brother, Dave, visited!  And, I got some new music that I've really been enjoying.  I got Shai Linne's Atonement and Stories, both of which I totally dig.  I also got Jimmy Needham's Not Without Love, which is also really good.  Surprisingly, the wifey really likes Shai Linne.  She says she really likes the lyrics, but I think it's the beats  :)

A song we both really like is called "Simple Love Story."  The line that we both really like (and my bro too) was when he says:

A love triangle: on the bottom right is Jim
On the bottom left is Kim, at the pinnacle is Him
So the closer Jim gets to Him and Kim gets to Him
The closer Jim gets to Kim and that's the end

Doesn't that make your spine tingle?  Those lyrics are so true! 

Anyways, if you've never listened to him, check out his albums!

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  1. just heard of jimmy needham yesterday when i was listening to a boundless interview (randomly).. and yeah! made me want to check out his music because he sounds really cool.