Friday, August 27, 2010

thankful for such a loving wifey...

I was so tremendously blessed and encouraged by my wifey yesterday.  For my birthday, she hid a wonderful card that reflected on the joys of our first year of marriage.  Praise the Lord for His grace working in us!

Then, before I got home, I get a call from my wifey to make sure to let her know when I get off the bus station.  When I got home, there was a note attached to the front door.  It was another card that was so beautiful.  The card and what she wrote perfectly summarized how we see each other, how we feel about each heart was just overflowing

Then, I opened the door, and the house was decorated with balloons, signs, mini candles in the shape of a heart, and a path of roses.  She left a glass of apple cider for me to refresh myself.  The roses led upstairs, so I led to our room, so I knocked.  And when I entered, she was standing in a pattern of roses that were placed to the shape of a heart and she greeted me with a joyful "Happy Birthday!" 

After opening very thoughtful and useful gifts (she got me some additional tools for grilling...woohoot!), we proceeded downstairs for a delicious meal of meat loaf (made from turkey meat), orzo (sp?), pasta, and a veritable mixture of mediterranean greens and olives and feta cheese and onions and tomatoes...topping that off with some super tasty desserts from Whole Foods (mini eclair, mini oatmeal raisin sandwich, mini chocolate fudge thingy with a strawberry, and a mini lime tart - our new favorite dessert).

After that, I figured things were done, but wait, there's more!  While I was studying, I hear the doorbell ring, which was weird because it was getting late and we weren't expecting anyone...or at least I wasn't.  Well, I always check the eye hole, so I saw several people with a candle-lit cake!  I opened up and it was several peeps from our home group!  I was so blessed by their thoughtfulness, encouragement, and their love for me.

After a crazy day, I got to reflect a bit on how blessed I truly am.  And not because of all the things that happened...those are like cherries on the top of the world best dessert...because in Christ, I truly have the greatest blessing ever...and I praise God for His mercy and grace poured out everyday.  And I'm so thankful for friends that remind me of that truth.  And even more so, I am thankful for my dearest, most closest, bestest wonderful wifey...I praise the Lord for providing such an undeserved gift that she is.  I love you wifey!  And I love you Lord.


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  1. awww =D patty is the ultimate card/note/encouraging letter writer!!!