Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thankful for wedding sermons...

We just got to witness our dear brother and sister, James and Ellice, tie the knot this past Sunday.  Weddings are always a joy, but it's so encouraging to hear the wedding message as well.  These are usually very practical, very personal words of wisdom coming from the Word of God.  This past Sunday was no different.  I was gently reminded of the absolute necessity of encountering God every day.  No, not in some sort of mystical, new-agey kind of thing.  But in the sense that you contemplate on the wonders of the gospel, and you deepen your relationship with the Savior. 

Too often I rush off to work without giving God a second thought until I pray for breakfast.  That must change.  How can I live with the proper perspective on life without going to the source of life to nourish and strengthen me?  He is the true vine.  I am the branch that needs to abide in Him continually. 

Praise God for using faithful men like our dear PJ to remind us of such important things.

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