Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thankful for life...

As many of you know, the wifey and I have a little reeechino on the way, Lord willing, due in December.  Up to this point the wifey has felt the baby move inside of her ("little flutters" she calls them).   Well, today, I felt the baby kick for the first time!!!  WOW!  that was so amazing and yet so weird at the same time.  We were both filled with a sense of awe and wonder for how awesome our God is.  He is the Creator of life. 

All creatures of our God and King

Lift up your voice and with us sing,
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thou burning sun with golden beam,
Thou silver moon with softer gleam!

Let all things their Creator bless,

And worship Him in humbleness,
O praise Him! Alleluia!
Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son,
And praise the Spirit, Three in One!

- Francis of Assisi circa 1225 AD - "All Creatures of Our God and King"

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