Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful for Tedd Tripp

As I've shared before, the wifey and I are listening to "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp to help us prepare for raising a child biblically.  And although it's specifically tailored towards parenthood, more often than not, the things he teaches are applicable to every day life.  One thing he shared in a recent sermon that really hit me good was an example of understanding the heart.  I will paraphrase what he said:

"A person came up to me and told me how some person really wronged him and he said to me "Man, if I wasn't a Christian, the things I would've done..."  And I thought to myself, "Is that really all that distinguishes Christians from the rest of the world?  That we refrain from doing what is evil?"

I think a lot of times I pat myself on the back when I refrain from lashing out, even though my heart really wants to.  Umm, didn't Jesus say that it was from the heart that all wickedness flows?   So yea, no brownie points for you, Rich.

Christ regenerates our it's not just that we refrain from reacting sinfully, but instead, our hearts ought to respond in a manner that honors the Lord.  And this is why our hearts and minds need to be filled, trained and controlled by the Word of God..."in His Law he meditates DAY and NIGHT."

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