Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew Hojin Lee

On November 5th at 4:04 am, the Lord graciously gave us the blessed gift of life in our first child, Matthew Hojin Lee.  We're so thankful to the Lord for His marvelous creation.  God was sovereign through it all.  My wifey was such a trooper.  I'm so thankful for them.

Looking at baby Matthew is such a wonderful reminder at the uniqueness of our being.  Not that we're so special in and of ourselves, but God did make us different from the rest of creation.

So, why did we choose his name to be Matthew Hojin Lee?  Well, the "Hojin" part was from my dad's side of the family.  Apparently we have a guy in Korea who comes up with names, and the more accurate we are in terms of date and time of birth, the better the name will be (don't ask me...).  Anyways, my dad calls me and tells me his Korean name is "Hojin" and explains that it means great grace of God (sounds good to me) who prospers.  Or something like that.

For his first name, we had thought of a few possible ones, but we always came back to Matthew.  He is one of the first Bible characters I came to really know, for some reason.  It always stood out to me that he was a tax collector name Levi, who became a disciple of Christ named Matthew.  Yet he never forgot where he came from, the sinful life he lived before Christ.  I liked that name because of that dual reminder of our sinfulness, yet God's amazing grace.

We are excited to raise him up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  We pray that we would be godly examples of Christ-like love and devotion to our Lord.  It's been a pretty smooth transition.  Thankful to have such a wonderful wifey and very caring parents.  We praise and thank the Lord for this gift.

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