Monday, July 19, 2010

Thankful for my wifey...

I will never understand why my wifey loves me.  I'm gross.  Selfish.  Dirty.  I lack sensitivity.  I don't communicate very well.  I fail to love and serve her as I'm called to do by Ephesians 5.  She is so wonderful to me.  Loving and caring for me.  She is such a gift from God.  It's really God's grace alone through Christ that allows either of us to love each other.  Although we both have a major problem being sinners, the solution is the grace that is found in knowing Christ.  Christ is the source of grace.  The really great thing about marriage is, that even though we experience each other's sinfulness on a deeper level, we also experience the sweetness of forgiveness, and the beauty of God's love for us in Christ.

Two resources I would recommend.  Strengthening Your Marriage is an excellent book with much biblical and practical encouragements.  Preparing for Marriage God's Way is almost a must-have for any Christian couple getting ready to tie the knot.  It's really really good.  But you only get what you put in (you reap what you sow). 

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